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Skrevet af Claus Stahnke   
Mandag, 04. januar 2016 10:22

January 2016 Handgun Rule Amendments If a COF has a passageway visibly delineated by fault lines and/or a clearly demarcated shooting area, any competitor who takes a shortcut by stepping on the ground outside the passageway and/or shooting area will incur one procedural penalty for each shot fired after beginning the shortcut. Metal plates do not recognize power and are not subject to calibration or calibration challenges.
If a metal plate has been adequately and directly hit (i.e. with a full bullet diameter) but it fails to fall or overturn, a Range Officer may declare range equipment failure and order the competitor to reshoot the course of fire, after the faulty plate has been rectified. Metal plates which fail to fall or overturn when initially hit, but which fall or overturn when hit with a subsequent shot, are not subject to a reshoot. Metal plates must not be used exclusively in a course of fire. At least one authorized scoring paper target or scoring popper (in addition to any paper or metal no-shoots), must be included in each course of fire.

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